Spring Cleaning & Guest Prep

Yesterday I shared how our guest bedroom is coming together.

One thing I'm wanting to do is make the bed look like what you see in stores.

I found this website that recommends using a few things Justin and I don't have and cannot afford to buy in the next month, including a coverlet. Plus, this design doesn't really work when the duvet has a pattern. Perhaps more searching is needed. Any ideas?

Justin also did a number on the kitchen last night cleaning counters and most especially attacking the fridge.

I continued going through things (paperwork, coupons, mail) and installed one of my newest favorite organizers.

You see I was quite spoiled before getting married. When I lived with my family, I had 2 closets for clothes, a dresser, a bedside table, a desk, and drawers in my own personal bathroom. In Justin's and my shared rental house, I have 2/3 of the closet (dresses take up a lot of room!), half of the dresser, and a bedside table. Overall I am doing pretty good since I still have more space then Justin has, but unfortunately a side effect of living in a smaller space is that I have less room to store things. I've gotten rid of quite a bit, but there are some things you just can't get rid of. When we moved into this house I decided that my underwear, sleepwear, hair, and make-up products all had to fit comfortably in one large drawer. Obviously I got rid of a lot in order to make everything fit, but despite the fact that I would organize, and it would all be perfectly positioned in my drawer, inevitably, a few days later, everything would be tossed out of the drawer in a desperate search for one thing in particular, leading to more time needed for organization when I went to put everything back up. It was very annoying and frustrating. With the drawer organizers you see above, my drawer is now neatly separated into 3 different compartments. Everything has it's place, and the likelihood of my crazy haphazard take-everything-out-of-the-drawer approach to finding something is much reduced.

We still have quite a few things that need to get done before our guests arrive, but we are glad the visit has encouraged us to deeply clean our entire house. Aren't you glad you aren't us? ;)

As an aside, people who plan major events on holidays really aggravate me.

Hope you all are having a fantastic week so far!

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