Anthropologie Storybook Tea Towels

Remember when I said we spotted a roach in our kitchen cabinets?

That's what our house has looked like for the past 2 days, except worse. Kitchen supplies and utensils EVERYWHERE!

Luckily, as of last night it has (mostly) been put away. I was really hoping to help Justin go through the kitchen supplies as we were putting them away, but I got called to the computer for some last minute work.

When I finally finished my work, Justin had already moved on to fixing a flat tire on his bike. Since we had received three 9x9 frames in the mail from Art to Frames, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. :)

Remember these?

image from Under the Sycamore
I did this:

And then cute artwork existed.

I set them leaning against the wall on the very top of the couch. Justin commented they would fall on him when he sat down. I agreed mentioning that then they would be "angry birds" rather than cute birds. ;) These birds make me smile whenever I look at them. They are just sooooo cute!

We are still trying to decide where they will go, but we feel like we've made a step in the right direction by framing them! (FYI: You may want to go with a bigger frame then 9x9 if you decide to buy these kitchen towels too.)

Anthropologie's Storybook Romance Kitchen Towels

What I think is so amusing about these towels is that if you go check out the reviews on Anthropologie's website, you see that, along with getting these towels for newlywed couples, people are also getting them for crafts (such as pillows, pinboards, etc. . .).

Plus, who can resist that adorable tag on the towels?!

The wood frames from Art to Frames I picked are here. I was afraid to go with white for fear it would look too similar to the towel, but I didn't want to go with something really contrasty like a black or brown. The white on pine looks most like my top picture. It stands out, but it's not an eye sore like my last image indicates with that bright yellow color. Eek!

Have you gotten into the whole craze of framing things that weren't designed as art? Do you love the Anthropologie tea towels as much as me? Where do you think we should hang them?

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