Random Wednesday

Today I have quite a bit going on since I just received word that I will be shooting a wedding at the end of the month! I'm both really excited and really nervous since it will be my first wedding shooting solo.

I have a lot to do to prepare for the shoot and as such, today, I'm just going to share a few random things I found on the interwebs.

Last night I was feeling really sad that Atlanta's 99x was no longer in existence. Slowly itunes and pandora are getting old. I'm missing my alternative rock fix. This is when I discovered Ex99, a fun project created and maintained by most of the people that were popular on the original 99x radio station. The best part? You can listen to it from anywhere in the world!

Since Justin and I only have two things framed on our walls, I was excited to find this list of art alternatives. My favorite so far is framing postcards or unbinding a worn out book for the illustrations. Not only are these great recycling ideas, but they also mean the artwork displayed in your home is unique and very personal. Plus, these ideas can be done for super cheap!!

You know how hard it is to save money, right? Obviously, if you've been following Justin and I as we try to budget (and fail miserably), you can understand why working with a bank to save money sounds like a phenomenal idea. This article in particular makes me interested in at least looking into the possibility of changing banks. Spending money is unavoidable, but getting money back from purchases you were already going to make definitely sounds like a great way to pad your budget. After all, every little bit of extra money counts!

Speaking of making money, I also loved seeing this article about selling items you might typically recycle as well as this one about making money just by recycling. Not only are you doing something good for the environment, you could be doing something good for your wallet as well!

You know how I was talking about traveling to NYC in my last blog post? I was pretty excited to see this article on the best phone apps for traveling to NYC. While not all of them look like they will be useful or can be applied when making my trip, I will definitely be checking some of them out.

If you are interested in photography, more than likely you've heard about Brooke Shaden, an amazing fine art photographer, but did you hear about how she is teaching a class tomorrow on Creative Live? She is, and she's awesome. You will want to check it out.

Coming soon I will be reviewing Rod Stewart's newest cd Time that I received from One2One Network. You won't want to miss it! :)

So what have you been discovering on the web lately? Anything exciting?

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