Photography Equipment: 1 Week + A Few Days!

With one week to go, I have quite a bit to do in preparation for my first solo wedding shoot.

First there is the paperwork:
- Tonight I send out the contract. I have to make sure both my client and I are legally covered.

Then there is the equipment:
- I'm trying to decide between the Canon 60d and the Canon 7d. Wikipedia says the 7d is more professional and I would be able to trade my CF cards between that camera and my XT. Also, the 7d can take up to 8 images per second in comparison to the 60d which shoots 5 images per second. Unfortunately, the 7d is heavier (I need to start lifting weights!), and it also costs about $200 more. Perhaps I'll go inspect both cameras this weekend.
- My 50mm lens is broken, so I need Justin to take it in to get it fixed. (I'm so glad I have a husband that can fix my electronics!)
- I'm also not sure if I'm going to get any other lenses to go with my new camera body, assuming I get one of course. Macro? Wide Angle? Can I have it all?!?!? Please? ;)
- Justin says I should get a reflector. He's probably right.
- I should probably get a camera bag. Man, this month is getting expensive!

Finally I have to find a company to host my images, so that my client can buy my images from me. Every photographer I've ever worked with has used Smugmug, but I just don't like them all that much. We'll see.

I guess I am just super excited that Justin agreed to let me get a new camera body. We can't really afford it, but with trips coming up to NYC and Germany, it will be nice to have. Plus, Justin can use my old camera, so that we both can just go out shooting. New hobby for him? ;)

Speaking of going out shooting, I recently discovered the app Central Park (Listen to the Light) where, as you are walking through Central Park in NYC, the app will play classical music specific to each location. Can you imagine listening to the app while taking pictures? *sigh* Dream. come. true.

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