Weekend Recap

Over the weekend we spent more time working on our spare bedroom (along with running around like chickens with our heads cut off).

Almost everything you see in this room originally got used in our wedding: the cherry blossoms, the curtain flowers, and the birds. (Yes, I had thought about this prior to wedding planning.)

Unfortunately, we still aren't done. You have no idea how hard of a time we had finding down filled Euro shams. In fact, one cashier at Belk decided I needed to know that the majority of people use regular pillows when filling Euro shams since Euro shams are decorative. I almost got into an argument with her since she made me pretty mad. As the consumer, who is willing to spend more money to buy exactly what I want, I sincerely feel that my opinion is the only opinion that mattered in this particular case. As the cashier, I feel she should have done her best to sell the item it was that I wanted rather than arguing with me. Needless to say, I took my business elsewhere and ordered our Euro pillows on Amazon last night, so those bright pink squares that seem so awkwardly positioned on the bed will, in approximately 2 days, be filled with Euro pillows! 

I do have to say that after approximately 6 loads of laundry per day the past three days, I am beyond ready to be done preparing for our guests. I can still hardly believe the transformation this room has gone from in the past 2 months. I have a feeling that it's days of being a junk room are over!

We did other exciting things this weekend including having a rainy stay-at-home date night watching You Only Live Twice while pigging out on popcorn and drinking root beer floats made out of Frostie Root beer. (In my opinion, Frostie Root beer is the BEST root beer to ever come in to existence!). Then Sunday morning Justin made some delicious homemade strawberry jam with strawberries that were going bad. Finally an Anthropologie find at a thrift store along with a hair cut truly made my weekend!

So anyway, I would love to hear about what you did over the weekend? If you are getting ready for a wedding, what are your thoughts on reusing decorations in the guest room? Have you ever had a Frostie Root beer?

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