May Instagram

This month has seemed to be never ending. I keep thinking that we are on the last day of the month, but then there is one more day. It was the 29th, then the 30th, and now the 31st!

Despite the fact that the month has seemed long, I wasn't too great at instagraming this month. I think approximately halfway through the month I bought the 60d, and the concept of taking photos with my cell phone was put on the back burner. I just found that I could get better color and more depth of field shots with the camera. Nevertheless it is fun to take pictures with my cell phone when I find myself in a pinch with awesome light. Hopefully next month I'll be more on top of it.

As a heads up, I'm currently working with Justin to photograph some sort of food making tutorial. Unfortunately the combination of a really dark house and a husband that moves pretty fast in the kitchen has made it quite a bit more difficult than originally anticipated. So what do you think? Would you be interested in seeing some recipes on here?

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