Canon 60d

After the realization yesterday that I only had one week to prepare for the biggest shoot of my life (thus far), Justin and I went out last night to Fry's Electronics for me to look at both the 7d and the 60d. At nearly $500 price difference in the store with no price matching, Justin and I decided it would be best for me to go ahead and purchase the 60d which would allow me time to play with it and get used to it. The money I would be saving by not purchasing the 7d could be used to obtain a lens from KEH. 

taken with iphone 4s

I'm already in love.

taken with 60d

I told Justin that if I brought the camera home, tried it, and didn't fall in love within the first day, I was going to return it. I've had that experience every time I go to buy a new camera lens, and I didn't think the purchasing/upgrading of a camera body should be all that different.

When we got home at 11PM last night, I practically ripped the box open, hoping that once I got it open I could immediately start taking pictures. Unfortunately, yours truly forgot that things like batteries are actually important for cameras. I had to wait until we had finished dinner to even think about trying the camera. (Yes, we ate dinner at 11PM last night.) While I worked on putting together a contract, Justin played with my camera. Yes, he got to play with it first. :( I would have liked it if we could have swapped places. :)

Either way, from the moment I put my favorite lens on the camera, I was in love. Shooting with 18.8 megapixels and a camera body that works better in low light settings is making me really happy. After shooting with an 8 megapixel camera and trying to improve my skills with it for over 10 years, it was time for an upgrade.

As we were leaving Fry's, Justin and I spotted a fair.

He pulled over and let take the picture above. I made him promise to bring me back over the weekend to let me shoot with my new 60d. Fairs always intrique me with their carousels, ferris wheels, and cotton candy. It's one of my very favorite places to photograph. And when the sun is setting? Beautiful.

Justin and I have a busy weekend planned with a trip to KEH to look at used wide angle lenses, dinner with the parents and in-laws tonight, and, hopefully, an adventure worthy of being photographed. Do you have any awesome weekend plans?

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