2 Days and Counting

Remember how I said I wanted our spare bed to look like one from at a store?

I think we succeeded! Yay!

Don't you just love the Ralph Lauren Cream Lace bedskirt we bought from Macy's? I think it just adds that little bit of extra oomph! :)

image of bed skirt courtesy of Macy's

In case you are wondering, what I have discovered is that if you are going to make a bed up like they do in stores, you must start with a bed skirt, fitted sheet, flat sheet, blanket, duvet/comforter, and LOTS of pillows in different sizes.

Here's how you do it:
1. After putting on the bed skirt and fitted sheet, you tuck the flat sheet and blanket in using "hospital corners". (I'm not sure why since you can't see it?) Make sure the blanket is pulled down a good distance from the headboard, but the flat sheet is pulled all the way up to the headboard/top edge of the mattress. Before tucking the sheets and blanket in, you pull the flat sheet back so that it covers the top of the blanket. Then you can tuck it all in. 
2. The comforter/duvet is folded over itself at the bottom of the bed. (I just used the picture that came with my duvet as a guide.) 
3. Then you pile on all of the pillows on the bed adjusting as necessary until it looks awesome! :) 
4. I added a blanket at the bottom, because I had it. Other bloggers have recommended doing this for the "added interest" it provides. *shrugs*

Backing up just a bit, this is what is on the bed:
- duvet cover, pillow shams including the bright pink ones are Raymond Waites from Bloomingdales $130
- blanket at the foot of the bed is no longer sold from Pottery Barn bought for us as a wedding gift $80
- bed blanket that you can't see but I highly recommend is Ralph Lauren also bought as a wedding gift but currently being sold as closeout at Macy's and also found at Marshall's $30
- sheets are Ralph Lauren sateen 300 thread count from Marshall's $40
- king pillow cases are also Ralph Lauren 600 thread count from Home Goods $13
- feather and fiber fill pillows are a mix from Costco, my parents house, and Amazon $200
- feather mattress pad from Marshall's $50
- duvet feathers from Bed, Bath, and Beyond bought with gift cards from our wedding last year $100
- mattress protector from Macy's $50
- pillow covers from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and Macy's $80
- headboard borrowed from my parents (and not going to stay permanently) $?
- mattress borrowed from my parents $?
- Ralph Lauren bed skirt from Macy's $70

Total cost: $843

It makes you sick how much can be spent on a bed, but I am excited that our guests should be super comfortable staying with us! Justin even went the extra mile last night and steamed the bed skirt and duvet cover. I think our guests possibly have a more comfortable bed then Justin and I do!

In other news, Justin worked on the bathroom last night bleaching all of the crevices and everything in between, so it looks nice and white. Tonight he said he will clean the kitchen, which is already pretty clean. We're just going to go over the floors, finish cleaning out the fridge, and make sure the cupboards are as clean as possible. (I can't stand going to other people's houses and letting them cook for me in their dirty kitchens. I'm much more content when the kitchen is clean, so why would I expect any different of my guests?)

We got rid of approximately 6 boxes of recycling this morning, and we have one final box of things to be stored at my parent's house. Before our guests arrive tomorrow, Justin and I anticipate going to my parent's house to retrieve extra wine, beer, and soda that was leftover from our wedding last year along with some lawn chairs so that tomorrow night we can have a bon fire. Justin's parents have some wood they are going to let us use, since our guests wanted to have a small get-together at our house.

Yes, you heard me correct. Along with having guests over and getting ready for a Saturday wedding soiree, Justin and I are also getting ready for our first house party. We decided a bonfire with s'mores and/or marshmallows, and beer might be the most appropriate way to spend our night, since I'm trying to keep people out of the house and away from my beautiful new (expensive) rug that I am not wanting to ruin too quickly.

So what do you think? Did we spend too much on that bed? (Yes.) Do we make having extras from a  wedding a year ago sound awesome? (It is.) Are you ready for a summer of warm days and cool nights when bon fires are appropriate and a fun way to spend an evening with friends? (I know I am!)

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