Busy, Busy Weekend (Cleaning & Organizing)

First of all, let me talk to you all about Justin's and my budget for February. Despite our best efforts, we were unable to stay on budget in all areas. (Unfortunately, one cannot control variances in utility bills for broken appliances.) We did handle our food budget better though despite still being over. We were able to put more money toward our credit card payments than originally expected, so YAY!!! (I consider that a success, even in the smallest sense of the word!)

And while it seems counterproductive, Justin and I went to Ocho, a fabric store in Atlanta to take advantage of their 42nd anniversary sale. We looked at rugs that were being sold for a quarter of their usual price. We also looked at fabric that we were considering for homemade curtains. We're going to have aqua curtains with liners! (Justin is going to get the fabric today. We were a few days early for the sale this weekend.) Yay! I'm so excited Justin agreed to let me decorate the house with my favorite color!

Don't you love our new rug? ;) Actually, I read about designing a paper rug (typically done with newspaper) to determine exactly how big you want/need your rug to be. Justin and I have decided on purchasing carpet and getting it sized to 7 x 11.3 feet. Justin decided our rug, when we get it, should be the golden ratio. It sounded awesome to me. :)

While we were too early to buy the designer fabric, we weren't too early to get some placemats on sale for $.50 a piece. (Forgive the awful phone photography.) I thought these placemats would be nice when I eventually get the beautiful aqua china I want and decorate. In the meantime, these will be stored away. (Despite not needing them, we couldn't refuse $.50 placemats. That just seems unheard of!)

Justin's parents gave us a straw holder with the most ugly green top. I immediately pulled out my paints and got busy altering it to my taste. What you are looking at is the straw top with a fresh coat of turquoise (plus white) paint on it. I'm hoping a coat of a gloss paint will bring it around and make it look better, but we will see. For now, it is a work in progress. It is definitely a step up from what we were using to hold straws.

We also started working in our spare bedroom to get ready for our May guests. Justin put a peg board on the back of the spare bedroom door to hang sewing stuff. It makes it easier for him to get to and use. While he was doing that, I was sorting through sewing stuff (and some craft supplies) to organize one of our drawers. Considering what a mess it was, I thought I did a pretty good job. In this picture, it is currently missing a tupperware that I will use to store more things. (The tupperware needed to be cleaned.) Plus, I'm certain more sewing supplies will find their way on to the peg board. We will need more room in the drawer for craft supplies I'm sure. Most of my arts and craft supplies are still at my parents house, so it was really a big deal to get the sewing stuff organized.

Next up we will get to go through Justin's electronics and decide which pictures to hang. We're getting through it though! I can't wait to show you all the end results of our efforts before our friends come to visit. I'm certain it will look amazing! :)

By the way, anybody have any awesome ideas for storing cds and/or patterns? I'm looking for a way to store them on a bookshelf or the like without leaving it looking like a mess. Something that is easy to do (cheap) and easy to keep up. Ideas?

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