Photoshoppers Unite!

Okay, I'm just going to admit it.

I LOVE Photoshop!

The reason my blog post is coming so late today is because I stayed up late last night trying to catch the rebroadcast of the livestream of Creative Live's Photoshop Week.

Yesterday's photoshop classes were done by Lindsay Adler, Dave Cross, and Kara Plicanic.

I honestly never expected myself to get so into watching these classes. I ordered an online class a long time ago by a children's photographer that I have since forgotten the name of, and her class was nothing compared to the classes currently being offered on Creative Live.

Lindsay Adler went crazy in depth talking about every aspect of portraiture that I could ever imagine. Her class taught me things I didn't know (and I know A LOT about Photoshop, so that was IMPRESSIVE!). Then later I was able to watch Dave Cross talk about making Photoshop more efficient for you (me?) as well as Kara Plicanic talk about Photoshop brushes and fonts. (Ok, so I didn't really watch Kara talk about these things, but I am certain she offered a lot of incite!)

So, while I know Photoshop and photography are not my normal discussion topics for this blog, I have to encourage you to go check out Creative Live's Photoshop Week.

Classes this week begin at 9AM PST and usually last about an hour and a half with a 45 minute lunch break in between every 2 classes. Classes this week are free on Creative Live (WOO!) and they re-air approximately twice following their first live airing. (I think the first re-airing begins at 6PM PST.) All 40 of the classes together, from all 13 artists, cost approximately $299 this week if you choose to buy them (or $20 a class).

So, yeah... just go check out the free classes! If you love photoshop, you won't regret it!

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