Meet Us + Giveaway on The Paper Mama

The Paper Mama is having a giveaway on her blog, and I thought it would be an awesome opportunity to update you on who this blog is about. (Plus, the thought of winning an instax camera is pretty fun!)

Who I am: My name is Mandy, and I am a plan-a-holic. I babysit (nanny?) for half of my time, design graphics and take pictures approximately a third of my time, and search the internet for awesome blog post content the rest of the time. I've been blogging for years and years and years... but I never had a focus until I started planning a wedding and married this man:

His name is Justin. He is my husband, and a pretty awesome one at that. He works as a computer engineer at a start up company doing... I don't know what. Something important. With neurons. He loves me like crazy despite all of my weird quirks, and he even comes to babysit with me from time to time! Justin absolutely loves to cook for me, and he is always attempting to get me to try new things. (I am super picky!)

After dating a bajillion years, we married last year. Since that time, we have moved to a rental house, and that is where the current state of this blog began. I now worry about finances, trips to Anthropologie, awesome cooking ideas, and helping others to plan for their wedding.

So dearest Paper Mama, could you please choose us to win the instax camera? ;)


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