Guests Coming

Over the weekend, Justin and I cleaned.

I know. Boring.

We did all of the laundry in the house -- blankets, clothing, towels, sheets... We swept and mopped the hardwood floors. The kitchen was cleaned.

But most importantly, Justin and I began tackling our guest bedroom. Over the course of the year, Justin and I managed to fill our tiny guest bedroom with junk. If guests were coming for dinner (usually family) any item that did not have a home was moved up to that bedroom so that our house would look presentable. Justin and I decided it was time to go through things on Saturday in that bedroom since we are looking to have our first guests stay with us in May. I told Justin that I was NOT putting a bed in that small room until it was cleaned up.

While we aren't completely ready for the bed to be moved down here, we are definitely doing better than we were a week ago. A lot of things have been moved to my parent's basement until we get the chance to start selling things. Justin has one more BIG box of electronics to go through, which I'm hoping he will do this week. We also will have to purchase a new set of sheets and a bedspread for the guest bedroom. Over the weekend we got a gorgeous light green blanket at a thrift store for $5 that we are looking to put on the bed. :) With wedding decorations to pull the room together, we are certain that the room will look awesome once we are done!

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