Free People Clothing Review 2/27/13

I'm still going back and forth between two computers, and it is oh-so-frustrating! Maybe next week will be back to normal?

In the mean time, I went to Free People yesterday, and I thought I would share my clothing reviews. I don't know if it actually helps anyone, but I always like seeing reviews of clothing, specifically before ordering online. You always wonder how the clothing will fit, and when someone has provided a review it is very helpful! I didn't try all of these Free People items on in the Free People store; I tried a few on at Belk and Von Maur too.

Justin had been trying to get me to try on the In and Out Ditsy Florals Slip since we first saw it at Von Maur about a month ago. I always refused, because it's not really my style. I did finally try it on this past weekend though, because I thought I might be able to wear a sweater over it and make it look really cute. End result? No. First of all, the slip is actually pretty loose. I also didn't like the way the triangles worked on my body type. They ended up making me looking fat rather than elongating the body like I presume they are meant to do. Overall, it just didn't work for me, and I put it back.

I also tried on the Winter's Child Cardigan, because I loved the idea of a long, warm sweater to wear over a shirt and jeans or even with a dress. The sweater looked really warm and reminded me of something you would wear in the snow. When I tried it on, Justin complained that it was too bulky on me. I didn't mind the bulkiness so much, but I did have an issue with the line that goes right down the middle of the back. With the sweater on and unhooked in the front, the front sides hung a good inch or two longer in the front than in the back. It has two awesome little pockets in the front, but don't expect them to hold much. This sweater is super soft, but I ended up putting it back.

One of the most fun dresses that I tried on was a black version of the Daisy Lace Dress. The dress comes with a slip that fits tightly underneath the dress while the dress itself fits loosely. On my short body, the dress ended right above my knees. It was so much fun to wear over a pair of jeans. It feels really casual and yet... not so much. If I could change anything, I might change the rounded neck. On the model the neck goes fairly low, but on me the neck was higher than expected. Furthermore, the simplicity of the neck makes the dress look a bit like a nightgown which is not really what you want to feel like you are wearing out in public. However, like a nightgown, the fabric is super lightweight, thin, and very soft. If you remove the slip, I definitely think it could be a nice dress to wear over a swimsuit during spring break. While I personally would not buy this dress at full price, I do think it is a fun and casual dress.

Finally, the last piece I tried on was the Pieced Lace Tunic Slip. One warning: I tried on the small and it was falling off of me. Granted I am usually a small or extra small, but I just don't think this slip fits that well. I definitely recommend sizing down. However, the bottom of the slip is GORGEOUS! I did not buy the slip, because I don't own any shirts or sweaters to wear over the slip. (Plus, they didn't have my size!) The slip comes in two other colors, rose and nude, but I think the raspberry color shown above is one of the most easy to wear and pair with tops.

So anyway, those are some of the things currently available at Free People. Despite my love for the flowy, bohemian look that Free People clothing exerts I rarely find anything that really shouts "buy me!" Plus, I hate how hard it is to find Free People clothing that I see online in stores. So, here is my shout out to Free People to stock bigger and fuller stores in the Atlanta area! Please?

I hope all of my readers are having a fantastic Wednesday!

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