February 2013 Instagram

I can hardly believe that it is the last day of February 2013!

This has been quite a month! A super busy one at that!

We spent the month:
- spending time at Intermezzo with one of Justin's friends, Omar, who visited with us during his trip from CA
- spending time with Justin's friends from Slovakia and having our first dinner party
- babysitting a 3-yr-old during Valentine's Day week
- the heat going out in our house
- the transmission in my car acting up... to my car not starting... to it being completely fine (??)
- the president visiting our "small" town
- my computer hard drive (and back up) hating on me
- making cupcakes that failed... then making an amazing cake
- meeting up with our high school German teacher
- ending the month with Photoshop Week with CreativeLive (which has been amazing and SUPER HELPFUL!)

So what did you do this month? Were you as crazy busy as me? :)

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