Buy Trends Follow Up

I know a lot of people were curious and asking what happened with my BuyTrends order. (See original post here.) I would LOVE to say that they came through, the order was perfect, I received it in a timely manner, and the clothes were absolutely superb, but this has not been the case yet.

Last Tuesday was day 30 in waiting... and the product never came to my door. I e-mailed them, but when I didn't hear from BuyTrends within 24 hours I placed a complaint with Paypal. BuyTrends responded to the complaint within 24 hours by returning my money. It took another 3 or 4 days to receive an e-mailed response from BuyTrends customer service saying that the items I ordered were out of stock and they weren't sure when the items would come back in stock. On top of that, they had been celebrating the Chinese New Year, so the mail wasn't running and many of the workers were on vacation.

My viewpoint:

If an item isn't available, why would you list it on your website? If it is an accidental listing, why not contact the customer as soon as possible and let them know the product is unavailable, when it will be available, and give the customer some options (i.e. returning the money or waiting on the stock to become available again).

If you can't ship an item, due to a 2 week vacation (or whatever), it would really be best to e-mail the customer and let them know.

Finally, I think it is best to respond to customers rather than simply returning money.

Despite the 30 day delay, I would still have liked to have someone contact me within 24 hours of my e-mail explaining any problems and issues rather than jumping on paypal and returning my money. (This is not to say that I want it to be difficult to receive a refund, if that is what I want. I just want my options provided to me.)

I may try using BuyTrends again just to confirm that any issues with the company were issues with the company and not due to vacations. I was really hoping to receive my items and try them. I would truly love to give, at the very least, a review of the company and their products. I'll let you know if this happens.

Has anyone else recently ordered from BuyTrends and either received their item or been frustrated by their customer service?


  1. I was checking out this website also. It seems to go to be true. I was looking at a cute black and white dress so hopefully colors wouldn't be an issue which I am seeing in some of the other posts.
    Did they just refund your money back? or did you get the clothes also? 90 days is a long time to wait.
    I know you get what you pay for but I have also had a hard time with that because I have three pairs of steve madden's shoes all about $80.00 a piece and everyone of them the heel has broken or a buckle broke and I sent in to there warranty company to send in a complaint and all I got back from them is that I am out of the warranty period and sorry. So to me if a such "well known company" and they are supposed to have integrity doesn't care about there customers and there shoes break in a year or two. I'd rather spend half the money since it will still break it seems like.
    I am interested to see if an order is not around there New Years, if it would get here sooner.

    1. They did refund my money, but, beyond asking, I had to go through Paypal and file a complaint. Of course, after I filed my complaint one of the pieces I had ordered showed up in the mail. Go figure.

      I think there is definitely a difference in quality between Steve Madden shoes and BuyTrends clothes. For example, there is a difference between clothes bought from Kohls and clothes bought from Anthropologie. With Anthro, you will have the extra slip underneath the dress, added lace, texture, etc… With Kohls, you are mostly buying the dress with no added flare – no slip underneath, no lace. If the dress does have a slip underneath, it will most likely be cheap, scratchy, and uncomfortable to wear. BuyTrends clothing is another degree lower than Kohls. They cut corners where they can. A shirt that was a shirt with a sweater over it on the model comes as a sweater with some fabric sewn in between. You can never close the sweater or button it, because there are no buttonholes. Plus, the fabric is super thin, so you have to wear something with it. To top it off, the fitting is weird. In my case, the shirt was too wide in the shoulders and too small in the waist.

      If what you are ordering is generic enough, you might be fine to just order it and see if it ships in a timely manner. But if you are looking to buy a fitted dress, I would recommend looking elsewhere.

      Have you tried JShoppers? Their clothing is more expensive, but it is also pretty cute and it ships fast. They are located in Japan. :)

  2. most of the same clothes are on amazon under the "allegra k" brand name. i've ordered plenty of the dresses and belts. they do take long to ship (even thru amazon), but the clothing is totally worth it. the fabrics are very dainty and see-thru, so plan on purchasing slips to go underneath. sizing (S, M, L) seems to be pretty accurate, however, the dresses are much shorter than i expected.

    1. Thanks for sharing! That's awesome to know!

  3. Horrible site! I waited patiently for two and a half months for my order of 4 items, the pants they said were a large were a size 8 the dress I got was made from elastic and polyester and was completely see through, the corset I purchased was also supposed to be a large and had to purchase new string for it, the ribbon it came with was 3 feet long and is a pain to try to snap up, and the free size shirt I received was extremely too large and looked like a maternity shirt on me, my sister, and my mom and we are not skinny people. I read their refund and return policy and they stated on their site tags must be attached and pictures must be sent first before consideration of refund, the dress and corset did not have tags attached and there is no upload link to send pictures, I emailed their customer support with my complaints and just now received an email saying they apologize for the inconvenience of the clothes not fitting and said they check all clothes before delivery and the tags were attached before shipping, which means I'm not getting a refund, I spent 100 dollars on that site for clothes that I can never wear except the corset. I also went on and guess who's website is listed.... yup, buy go figure right? Now I only wish I'd checked it before ordering.

    1. I'm so sorry you had such a bad experience! I hope you get your money back! :(


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