Anthropologie Friday Finds

Last Friday, before taking on a three year old full time, Justin and I went to the mall and, of course, stopped in to visit the local Anthropologie. I just thought I would share a few of my finds.

One of the first things I tried on was the AG Stevie Ankle Glimmer jeans. I was SOOOO excited to try on the glitter infused jeans. (Just ask Justin!) If you like glitter but you don't really want to feel like a fairy princess, these jeans may be the ones for you. While you can definitely see the glitter when the jeans are on the hanger, it is difficult to see the glitter with the jeans on. This was the reason I put the jeans back on the rack. (My opinion is: if I'm going to wear glitter, I want to be able to see it!) Plus, I'm not that into clubbing. Just for reference, the jeans fit me perfectly fitting all the way down to the ankles like you would expect normal jeans to do. (I'm 5'2".) If you are short, just be aware the jeans will not fit like they do on the model.

I also tried on Peaked Pointelle Sweater. While this sweater was soft, I wasn't a fan of where the bottom of the sweater fell against my waist in comparison to how low the sweater is on top. With a very loose design, it just made me look boxy and overweight on my short frame. The sweater is a bit longer in the back than the front. I'm also a big fan of the design on the back of the sweater which makes you look thinner. Overall, the sweater just didn't meet my expectations despite how soft it was. I had to put it back.

Remember when I bought my green Caridad Ruffled Dress? Yeah, they now have a red version out. While I'm not necessarily a fan of the new color since I don't feel it looks as vintage as the green, this dress is definitely great if you missed out on the original and/or just prefer the color red! Just as a reminder, the fabric is very thin and light; the skirt is not as heavy as it looks with the ruffled bottom. The gold belt that you see on the website (not the one shown on the model above) easily wrinkles and looks very simple on the dress. (Why don't they use a thick fabric for the belt to make it look more substantial?) As you can see, you can definitely accessorize this dress and make it look as fancy as you'd like. (I love the addition of the belt and the long earrings!)

I also might be a tad bit in love with this darling book. I absolutely love the comparisons made between Paris and New York. I definitely encourage checking out the blog even if you can't afford the book. Once you start looking, you really can't stop. Plus, I'm certain you will never again be able to decide between the two cities. :)

Have you seen anything exciting at Anthropologie recently? I know they just put out a whole new selection of clothing out this February and a bunch more on sale! Definitely go check it out if you haven't yet! :)

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