Thank You Notes

Justin and I finally completed all of our thank you notes last night. It was a grueling task, but we made sure to spend time when writing thank yous to consider the person who gave us the gift as well as the gift itself. We especially appreciated the many people who took the time to come see us on our wedding day. (Then again, the kitchen appliances and feathers are pretty awesome as well!)

After the realization that we were done... yet still had a large number of thank you cards I left, I hit the internet in search of an eco-friendly way to use my thank you cards in another type of project. Honestly, I haven't had a whole lot of luck in my search just yet, but I did find a service that surprised me.

With three months involved in carefully crafting the perfect imperfect thank you notes, I cannot even imagine using That's Gratitude to write my thank yous for me. That's Gratitude is a company that will handwrite unique, individual thank you notes anonymously for you and have the task completed in 3 weeks. They guarantee that individuals from the same household and people that sent you the same gifts will not get the same thank you note. On top of their thank you note service, they also provide stationery! I'm not sure how I feel about this service, but I definitely like the idea of having all of my thank yous done in 3 weeks. That would have been nice.

I have not yet decided what I will do with my left over thank yous. The biggest problem I have is that my notes have our wedding date on them. I may be able to craft unique ornaments out of them. Then again maybe I should just recycle them? We ended up recycling over 50 of our wedding day programs!!! I still am sick at the amount of time and money that ended up just being recycled. *shrugs* We got lucky in not having a single save-the-date or invitation leftover!

Do you have any creative, crafty ideas for recycling/reusing wedding stationery?

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