Ring Shopping

One of the first big purchases a newly engaged couple makes is that of the ring. I just thought I would share my perspective and things worth considering when going ring shopping.

1. Don't settle. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Easy enough, right?

2. If it isn't the right price, don't buy it. Do your homework. Search other shops. There is probably a ring out there that is stunningly beautiful and much closer to your price range. If not, you can always go back to the original store and buy the expensive one. (Try etsy, craigslist, or ebay. There are a lot of newly divorced or broken up people that are getting rid of rings for much cheaper.)

3. If you don't like the shop, don't shop there. Simple, right? My husband bought my engagement ring from Solomon Brothers. My first experience there was very negative. Beautiful location but the employees did not seem to want to help. We had to wait in line. Then we were told what we wanted was obviously not in stock and could not be ordered. If we wanted to see a product that was not in stock or had to be ordered, we needed to talk to someone specific who wasn't actually there that day. On top of that, they didn't really want to help us since we were just browsing (and probably looked as though we didn't have tons of money to spend). Ok. Thank you very much.

We ended up going to Helzberg. Not quite Tiffany's. The employees were helpful. We walked in and they asked what we were looking for. They offered to clean my engagement ring so that I could see how my two rings would look together. Even though we originally walked away from Helzberg, we eventually came back to order my wedding ring. I appreciated the time the employees took in making sure that I had the perfect ring for me. Even after ordering, the ring came within the week.

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