Love and Food

Whoever tells you that the way to a man's heart is through food ... lies. While Justin may appreciate my attempt at cooking, the true way to his heart is allowing him to make the good food.

In the past few weeks, Justin has made:
- na'an
- bread
- waffles
- ice cream
- peach frozen yogurt (from fresh, local peaches)
- a tomato sauce (from fresh, local tomatos)
- vegetable stir-fry (I cannot believe some people don't know what zucchini is!)
- whipped cream (without sugar; surprisingly just as good)
- squash casserole
- cheese spaetzle (more or less homemade mac and cheese, sometimes with onions)

And I am making us seem like we eat awful things! Keep in mind that we only consume small amounts of these things at any one time ... usually with vegetables or fresh fruit. 

On top of the wonderful creations Justin comes up with, we've had the opportunity to spend every Friday having dinner with Justin's parents, talking and experimenting with different foods as Justin and his dad try to create something new while trying to maintain a balance of what I and Justin's mom will eat. I definitely provide them with a challenge. Obviously the food is not good unless I like it and will eat it. haha. :)

One of the best things about being married so far obviously is the food! :)

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