I have to admit that when we put in our final payment for the wedding, I thought finances would get easier. THEN, I thought when we made the last payment for an apartment rental and the first payment for the house rental in one month things would get easier.

Yeah. About that.

Now we are looking to put out about $1000 for getting my car fixed. Granted my car is not falling apart. I/we would just feel better if the car was in the best shape it can be in since it is the one car we rely on the most heavily. With lots of diy mechanical work done by Justin and my dad, I am certain we are saving quite a bit!

However, one thing that I did not even think about considering was the fact that both Justin's and my debit card numbers have been stolen and used in the past two months. Why? This really make me grateful that we are still keeping two separate accounts. Justin and I both are very lucky that our banks caught the fraudulent use fairly quickly. Somebody tried to buy $800 worth of goods at Wal Mart with Justin's card; they tried to buy a Parisian magazine with my card.

My point: Just because a big expense is over (i.e. wedding), don't think your big spending is necessarily done. Apparently, life is full of surprises!

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