Creepy Crawly Wiggly Bugs

Obviously when you move into an older house, you get the remnants of whatever the last owner/renter had. Given that the landlord pays for an exterminator, we weren't expecting a big bug problem. Maybe we should have been.

Since we've moved in, we've had to deal with:

1. roaches

2. little ants

3. big ants

The list keeps getting longer the longer we live here.

Apparently the people before us did a very good job of keeping a messy house. (Especially since the landlord claims we are doing such a great job of keeping a clean one.) Nevertheless, the pesky bugs keep seeming to find their way in.

We have sprayed insecticide all the way around the outside of the house as well as herbicide on all of the ivy that grows outside our house in an effort to maintain a bug free lifestyle. So far these efforts have helped, but they have not gotten rid of all of the bugs yet.

Any suggestions?

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