A New Beginning

Over the weekend, Justin and I "upgraded" our way of living by moving into a house built in the 1970's across the street from my alma mater. It is just a rental house that costs approximately $100 more to live in per month, but it was an exciting upgrade for us none-the-less.

In order to make the move, Justin and I have had to find new and exciting ways to consolidate what we have to fit into smaller storage spaces. (i.e. We have larger rooms, but only 2 closets.) We won't even begin to go into the fact that we have my stuff now mixed in with Justin's. (Up until the move, I had kept most of my "stuff" at my parent's home, but now that we are living together in the new home a lot of it will be coming to join us at the new house.)

Over the weekend, Justin and I were able to get rid of over 9 large garbage bags full of trash. Justin also had a number of items we will either be donating to Goodwill or selling online. We may even have a garage sale, but that is yet to be determined. I am just sooo proud of the fact that we are condensing our junk, so that we have more legitimate, nice things rather than filling our lives with stuff we just don't need.

We have found many ways of incorporating leftover wedding supplies into everyday use including the couch, silverware, flowers, and guestbook. :) All of a sudden, the huge cost of paying for a wedding seems like less of a burden. We are also excited to use newfound skills when decorating our home (re-making lights, sewing skills to make ... anything!) Other plans include growing some vegetables and getting photos enlarged to be used as decorative art! Yay!

Keep on the lookout, because I will probably be posting photos of the new house soon! :)

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