A Little Bit of Excitement

Last night Justin and I started moving things into our new rental house.

I have to admit when we first signed the lease I was a bit concerned that the house looked so old in the inside. A wood paneled room? That is so 1970s... (or earlier). However now that we have moved our vintage couch in the living room, I am so very excited. I have visions of blue that will bring the room together in a very "Mandy way".

We had the most fun looking through kitchen supplies. We haven't really seen them since after the wedding.

Seeing the kitchen supplies gave me incentive to get our thank you notes out asap. We had special things we were sending with a few of the thank you notes slowing us down, but hopefully the majority of those will go out over the weekend so that the more traditional notes can get written and go out more quickly. We are so thankful for everything everyone has done, whether merely coming to the wedding, helping do the "art" for the reception, or even just flying in from another state (or country).

We look forward to sharing pictures of how the gifts are being used and the way we decorate the house.

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