Floral Preservation

Over the weekend, Justin and I went to pick up the flowers we had preserved by the florist. I must admit I was a bit worried when we dropped them off over a month ago. I was worried that my beautiful flowers were about to be destroyed and I would never be able to see their "pretty" again. I was so excited this weekend when we picked them up and they actually looked pretty in their "not quite new" state. I look forward to displaying them in our new home. :)

I don't yet have pictures because the flowers are boxed up so that we can move them and not destroy them. Also, I believe we are sharing them with family as gifts, so I have to hold off until they are given.

If you are in the states, I would definitely recommend using "Suspended In Time" to preserve your florals. They can't do everything, but I really like what they did with mine. :)

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