Day of: Pt. 2 (Prep)

It's taken me long enough, hasn't it!

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This was what seemed like the shortest part of the day. We had spent so much time preparing for the ceremony...  and then it was over!

Everything that could go wrong did go wrong except that Justin and I did officially get married. Woo! Okay... maybe I am exaggerating. I will let you judge for yourself.

Thuong, Marion, and I had an awesome time riding in the old cadillac that my dad rented for the day. Unfortunately, within seconds of leaving the reception site, it occurred to me that none of my bridal party had their flowers. On top of that, I remembered that the rings and garter were still in the bridal preparation room. I didn't have a cell phone, but I was relieved to discover my maid of honor had her cell phone with her. I called Justin praying he would answer and he did! One thing led to another, one person after another was called and the flowers finally made it to the church!

Darwin Young Photography

Upon entrance to the church, I was immediately hounded by everyone wanting to talk to me. The coordinators shooed me away from family and friends that I desperately wanted to hug and see. Talking apparently keeps me from being too nervous. However, I was informed that I was the "cupcake" and I should be hidden away until it was time to walk down the aisle. *sadness* (Note to future brides: do what you want. You get one day. Have fun with it.)

THEN! We were informed that the rings never made it to the church! I was fine with it, but I knew Justin would be sooo upset. Quick thinking and a few calls later, our magnificent coordinator was on her way to meet with our hair person to obtain the rings which arrived prior to the end of the ceremony. Thank goodness!

Darwin Young Photography

We didn't have too many decorations at the church, but I was so very happy with the beautiful memorial that was stationed at the front of the church recognizing beloved family and friends that are no longer here with us.

I'm sure Justin and I aren't the first to have quite a bit go wrong... and we won't be the last. Thank goodness for the wonderful family and friends that made everything possible for the preparation of the ceremony to go as smoothly as possible. Phew!

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