Lists, Lists, and More Lists

In case you were wondering, as a bride-to-be that is how I stay organized. (Not to mention a separate wedding e-mail account.)

I am finding it so hard to believe that everything I have been working on and planning will be here in approximately a month (and some). If I think about it too long, it makes me nervous, so I simply will put those thoughts on the back burner as I finish out my year and so many months of planning. There is still much to be done.

Over the weekend, Justin and I found ourselves running random errands and talking with random vendors about our tasks at hand. The things we managed to take from the weekend include a wedding schedule (YAY!), feeling awesome about our many coordinators and how they will take our special day from "meh" to "WOW!", a gorgeous GORGEOUS ring, and some quality time together (YAY TIME!).

I now owe my coordinator, Jessie Patton at Wildflower Events, and our newest photographer, Darwin Young of a studio here in Lawrenceville MORE LISTS. Can we say thank goodness for the internet? I have so many google docs it is not even funny! (Did I mention I created a list of address for wedding shower invites tonight?)

I guess my point -- If you are getting married, expect to create lots of lists. (And write lots of e-mails. I'm not sure how I survived without my multi-tasking iphone. I totally write e-mails to people in the car while Justin and I go to meet with another vendor.)

Invitation images coming soon... ;)

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