It's Monday!

Justin and I got a lot done this weekend for the reception.

As you can see here, we've been thinking about how to handle the reception florals for quite a while. On Saturday we saw the prettiest cherry blossom stem at Michaels. I noticed a sign in the floral department about ordering more if they didn't have enough. We spoke with the store manager who ordered approximately 40 cherry blossoms for us and gave us a discount!!! They will be in at the end of the month.

Currently we are planning on using wine bottles painted white to dress up our reception space and to put the florals in. We think it will give our reception site a clean look while adding to the elegance of our reception site.

Along with painting these wine bottles, my parents are also helping by washing and pressing the reception linens! How exciting! :)

We also managed to find a super-awesome caterer Bleu House Café. The owner, Maureen, was awesome to work with and she gave us a fantastic deal on her services! She let us try bits and pieces of all of the food she will be serving at the wedding. There was more than enough to bring home and let our parents try some as well. Everyone seemed quite pleased with the food. The owner was even awesome enough to suggest meeting at the reception site to plan out how to serve the food! Soo exciting!

Then who could forget our talk about cupcakes?! Yum! :)

With only a little bit of time left before the big day, we are excited about how things are coming together! Hopefully it will continue this way...

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