My photographer asked me to send him a list of wedding shots/reception shots that I wanted taken at the wedding. Keeping in mind that he is going to be with Justin and I from the moment we start getting ready (at 10AM) to the moment we depart the reception site (tentatively at 8PM), what shots can you add to my list that you would want a) taken at your wedding when you get married, b) shots you wish had been taken at your wedding, or c) shots you think would be cool?

Here is my list so far:

-wedding dress (all)
-wedding dress (details)
-bridesmaid dresses (w/ wedding dress... maybe hanging in trees? Something cute!)
-mismatched china
-florals around reception site

Bridal Party
-flower girls having tea party (maybe w/ bride and bridesmaids?)
-bride w/ bridesmaids
-groom w/ groomsmen
-bride & groom w/ wedding party
-bride & groom w/ deacon

-bride & groom w/ groom's family
-bride & groom w/ bride's family
-bride & groom w/ both families

Axioo Photography

-groom w/ friends
-bride w/ her friends

Special Request Bride & Groom
-bride on vintage couch w/ flowers (remember the one we bought from way back when?)
-bride & groom at altar (duh)

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  1. I really regret not having a picture of our musicians. We had 3 vocalists and 2 instrumentalists, but not a single picture of them.
    The only "creative" picture we had taken (back when most wedding pictures were still very traditional-looking) was of our silhouettes in wedding attire in front of the huge outdoor Christmas tree in downtown Augusta. I'm not sure you've ever seen it. It's one of my favorites, so I hope you and your photographer are able to come up with something special to commemorate your day.


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