Flowers (A Rant)

I am so lucky to have such patient parents and a patient fiancé. While I was busy playing with kids, my dearest family was doing their best to help me juggle a very large return from Michaels Arts & Crafts. We had initially ordered 40 pink cherry blossom flowers to decorate our reception space. When the florals came in, we found ourselves with 20 pink and 20 purple cherry blossoms. I'm not entirely certain why anyone would want purple cherry blossoms, but this is what we received. When we tried to do an even exchange with Michaels to receive the style and color of flower we had initially ordered, they informed us that they could not guarantee we would receive the pink that we desired. Justin had to take off from work early to make sure things were settled as well as they could be. It was very annoying and slightly frustrating. I am glad, though, that we now have the 40 cherry blossom stems we had ordered.

Note to future large purchase of florals at Michaels brides: Double check your receipt when you check out and make sure it does not say pnk/pur or any variation of colors. Then! Call about a week after you make the purchase since Michaels employees tend to forget about their customers.

If we had not called around the time the florals were said to be in, we may not have received them. I was actually informed that Michaels had "forgotten" us when I called to find out. The florals had been there one whole week (a week after we ordered them), and they were about to be put out on the floor!

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  1. wow! that sounds stressful and annoying..glad you got it all worked out!


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