Just a Hint...

Since I know everyone has read my dress entry and taken everything I said to heart, I thought I would provide you with a hint of which dress I'm going to be wearing! Aren't you excited? ;)

My dress decisions started way back when... when the movie Runaway Bride came out. Remember this dress?

Runaway Bride -- Julia Roberts

I loved the off-the-shoulder sleeves. Who wouldn't? :) I also loved the idea of getting married in the fall... but you don't see that happening, do you?

Then Justin proposed, so I googled "off the shoulder dress with blue sash"...

Not quite a blue sash, but it tried. Only problem -- I had no idea who designed it.  So I kept searching.... until I stumbled onto this...

Alfred Angelo 1141

It was the Alfred Angelo 1141, my perfect dress. I spent MONTHS scouring the internet in search of this dress. I contacted stores in Florida, New England... and everywhere. No one had this dress in stock. I had just about given up, but then I found it... at a bridal shop in GA. It was a size 14, but it could be altered down... It was perfect... except that it wasn't. It was off the shoulder with a lovely blue sash... but it was plain. Boring. SO I kept looking...

In the mean time, I had stumbled across Casablanca dresses. I tried on a number of them. They were gorgeous with lace and intricate details. Beautiful. :)

Casablanca 1900

I wasn't a fan of where the bands laid on me, and I still wasn't certain about choosing these dresses... *shrugs*

My next stop was another Alfred Angelo...

Alfred Angelo 2020

I wasn't enthused with the position of the sequins on this dress.

While I had all but given up at this point... that's when I found the dress I ordered. Am I going to post a picture? I think not. ;)

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  1. ahh I can't wait to see your dress! The options you have shown us so far as great, so I'm sure you picked a gorgeous one!


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