IWSG 2020 #7

June Goals
 Go through 5 more magazines.
 Figure out July vacation plans (or not)
✗- Make returns.

Additional Successes
• Participated in surveys and made $250.
• Drank lots of tea.
• Used a piling remover on clothes and pillowcases
• Printed images from Costco, now I can determine what further edits should be made and if I want to print in a larger size
• Justin got his hair cut, after almost 6 months of growing it out.
• I wore a face mask when I had to go out. I hated it. I decided I was better staying in.
• went through and got rid of a bunch of art supplies
• French pastries ftw! eclairs and croissants!
• contacted The Paris Photographer about rescheduling our photoshoot.

July Goals
– Make returns to Amazon
– Send Hannah a graduation card
– Watch weight. Walk more. Eat more veggies. Eat less sugar.
– send returns to Free People
– Finish going through clothes.

IWSG Question –– There have been many industry changes in the last decade, so what are some changes you would like to see happen in the next decade?

I can't say that I am too familiar with the writing industry in terms of getting published. 

What I would like to see is –

• More being published by minorities and women.
• Writers being brought on by companies rather than being paid per job. More stability as an author.
• Writers being paid a living wage for their work.

Your Turn

What would you suggest to make the writing industry (or any other industry) better? Do you feel people are taking advantage of?

Do you think covid-19 is exacerbating that?

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June Lookback

Here's where I am:

Listening to:

Boy Meets Girl "Waiting for a Star to Fall"
Amy Grant "I'll Be Your Friend", "Oh How the Years Go By", "That's What Love Is For"
Luther Vandross & Mariah Carey "Endless Love"
Paul Carrack - "How Long"

various movies:
Scent of A Woman
Dances With Wolves
I Am Mother
Endless Love
Sea of Love

my friend's voicemail "Darling Wife ... Don't worry. Darling Wife, I love you. Goodnight. … Hugs!" 😂 (inside joke)


Hawai'i and California. Ready to get back out and travel! Bring on the beach!


nothing much.

Anxious about:

My job. How much longer will I have one?

A particular acquaintance I've gotten close to. He won't claim we are friends, and I wonder if he will stay in my life.

Interested to Know:

I'm currently looking at potential make-up purchases. All of a sudden, I have an interest in my skincare routine!

Also, looking at informational books regarding one of my favorite topics! Photography!

Will we and should we travel during corona?


• Free People Saturday Morning Cardigan in black from ebay
Free People Forever Your Girl Tee in blue from Macy's

• monitors and monitor stands for husband to use when working from home
• electric duster (for cleaning electronics - and let's be real! - everything else!)
• pasta maker!


Magazines? I've been trying to go through them. One day I'll finish! 

Quarantine Notes:

Now on Day 87 with ? Days to Go:

• Justin has returned to work, 3 days before anticipated.
• 196 items listed on Poshmark; still at 12 items on ebay
• 2 online husbands, 1 online girlfriend, another asked to run off with me to the Bahamas ... lol. I feel the love.
• gone through 19 magazines
• Justin made homemade pasta! It was delicious!
• I got bleach on a favorite top. 😞
• Free People flagged my account.
• Started a photography class.
• I cleaned the baseboards in every room, behind and under our nightstands, lifted up a large rug and vacuumed underneath it, used a toothbrush to clean bathroom cabinets.

Other random covid-19 facts:
• When my husband was working from home, we were eating a pound of tomatoes a week!
* My fingernails have needed to be clipped 4 times since corona started. My toenails? once.
* Fingernail polish only stays on my nails for a week tops before chipping off.

• We've gone through 2 big boxes of oranges from Costco during quarantine.

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