Corona Documented

 Now that my "quarantine" is coming to an end, I wanted to take a moment to document what "that quarantine life" looked like for me.


-- road trip to California across the US with a stop at the Grand Canyon
-- homemade pasta
-- new dresses
-- acai bowl
-- Junior's cheesecake bought from the grocery store


-- earl grey tea with lavender
-- group chats
-- fresh squeezed OJ
-- homemade eclairs and croissants
-- yummy drinks
-- wine mid-day
-- curly hair
-- fancy lunches/breakfasts/brunches
-- a new raclette maker
-- coloring pages made from my pictures


-- banana ice cream
-- comfy sweaters
-- braids
-- lots of tea
-- dress up while going through my closet
-- Australian bread
-- chocolate babka from Bread's Bakery courtesy of GoldBelly


-- using a book a friend gave us to make "Planter's Punch"
-- homemade blueberry cake with lemon icing
-- Easter dress
-- heartbreak over friends
-- sending a handmade postcard to my friend in Australia
-- SO MANY smores.


-- Eating out.
-- Trying Baked Alaska for the first time.
-- Eating "the peach" at a fancy restaurant in Atlanta
-- donuts with kids
-- sunset over the city
-- pizza and hot chocolate in NYC

What did covid-19 quarantine life look like for you? Did you take pictures the whole way through?

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