August Lookback

Here's where I am:

Listening to:

Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, movie playing in the background as I do other things, like write a blog post. ;-)


this past Christmas. Getting one last Christmas with my husband's grandmother. What will this year look like?


nothing much during covid, except going back to work and getting household chores done/finding new ways to fix things while I have time to experiment

Anxious about:

My job. I will be helping the kids with their studies and I'm anxious about doing a good job with that.

Also keeping up with online friends.

Interested to Know:

how covid will continue to play out. When will a vaccine be available?

• UO Haverford Frock Midi Dress from Urban Outfitters
Free People Marley Straw Hat in pink and green
• Lucky Brand Emmie Ballet Flats in black from Belk
• Free People Vacay Tank Top in black from Belk
• Free People Denim A-Line Skirt from Belk
• Free People Krissy High-Rise Skinny Jeans in black from Macy's
• Free People Time Out Tunic from Belk
• Free People Encrusted Mini Dress in black from ASOS
• Free People Kiss Kiss Tunic in white, blue, and turquoise on Poshmark
• Girls' Sparkle Leggings by Cat & Jack in black and burgundy from Target
• Girls' Mid-Length Bike Shorts by Cat & Jack in pink and black from Target
• Girls' 3 pk Black Leggings by Cat & Jack from Target
• Girls' Leggings in pink, yellow, and navy from Target
• Girls Casual Socks 6 pk Cat & Jack white from Target

• Fringed Macramé Hammock from Anthropologie
• Leather paint, finisher, and paint brushes
• printer ink
• WD-40 to get out stains (and it worked!)
• multiple picture frames for framing artwork
• containers to organize bathroom



Receiving fewer texts since I've been so busy. :-/

Also reading fewer magazines.

Quarantine Notes:

Now, 5 months in:

• Created a PDF to JPG converter
• Submitted information to get cashback on purchases
• made more sales on Poshmark & Ebay: now I've sold a total of $470 since covid started
• $30 sold on Ebay, $70 sold on Poshmark
• Learning more about how to save the most when shipping via USPS; unfortunately, USPS is also going through the ringer due to the current US president
• Converted all 7k+ of my image files from my road trip to DNG files.
• Moved 6k+ iPhone photos to the correct folder/backed them up.
• My birthday! -- We made fresh tomato sauce from tomatoes picked in my grandfather's garden, homemade pasta, homemade strawberry buttermilk ice cream, homemade buttermilk cake with peach filling and a whipped cream topping, homemade dinner rolls with garlic butter, and salad with a homemade dressing. It was the perfect dinner!
• I got my job back! Started this week.
• We bought Ghiradelli chocolate syrup. Combined with my favorite organic milk, I've been loving my dessert in a glass.
• Got devastating new from my husband and promptly lost 4 pounds. Gained back the weight. Oops. Currently searching for a therapist.
• As a result of the news, talking more.
• Got stains out of a few pieces of clothing!
• Painted the stools we have where the paint had chipped.
• Cleaned out my childhood doll trunk
• Cleaned out some of the basement. Got rid of a box of old food and photography equipment.
• Cleaned out husband's tees.
• Conditioned the leather couch.
• Hung curtains.
• Put a window AC unit in the bedroom. Now we can sleep at night.
• Bought picture frames and framed artwork from travels. Now to hang them!
• Bought pillows and the pillow cases that go with our duvet. 
• Broke my iPhone last month, so I upgraded to an iphone XE. Leather case and headphone adaptor bought as well.
• Cleaned out the bathroom cabinet of unused toiletries.
• Made 2 online friends. <3 Billy and a guy from Scotland. I get to hear about 3yo tea parties and get tips on where to travel when I eventually make it to Scotland!
• received a bunch of cute letters/cards from the kids I watch for my birthday!

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