July Lookback

Here's where I am:

Listening to:

Foreigner - "Cold As Ice"


the cross country road trip we just took –- Laguna Beach, California; the Grand Canyon and Little Painted Desert in Arizona; the delicious bbq nachos we had in Arkansas.


• a birthday trip I hope?

• Making an acai bowl!

• Scotland travel for next summer.

Anxious about:

My job. The question is not whether or not I will have a job (I don't think I will) but whether or not I will be able to secure another.

Interested to Know:

how long covid will stick around. When will there be an over the counter cure? Or a vaccine? 


• Free People She's A Dream Midi Dress in Yellow/Powder Combo from Macy's
• Free People Blue Jean Babydoll Mini Dress from Macy's
• Charter Club Long-Sleeve Button Front Cardigan from Macy's
Free People Seamless Lace Bike Short in black, mink mauve, and rust worthy
• eyeliner and magnetic eyelashes – "I don't know why you girls put yourselves through so much pain!" (my friend Erik)
• tires for my car
• raclette warmer
• printed a few of my pictures in the 20x30 size and I'm IN LOVE.
• a juicer



Texts and texts and more texts. I feel super special. <3

Quarantine Notes:

Now, 4 months in:

•Turned the mattress 
• My friend was talking to me about my blog and about my insecurity regarding it and friends. He told me "if nothing changed with your friend ever, how would you feel about blogging?" and that really helped put things into perspective.
• Organized magazines.
• made a sale on both poshmark and eBay.. Approx $30 in sales this month.
• completed 2 research sessions which should equate to around $250.
• went on a "covid-friendly" vacation driving 5k miles in 6 days.
• wore a mask for the first time in public. HATED IT. I get why people don't want to wear them, BUT wearing them is super important.
• Going out reminded me why I prefer to stay in, especially during all of this covid everything. People just walk up beside you and start talking without a mask. They think they are being friendly, but really they are risking spreading the disease.
• I tried an organic milk for the first time. The cow's name on the milk carton is Willow. I think Willow produces some of the best milk I've ever had in the US.

Other random covid-19 facts:
• Kroger sells Junior's cheesecake!
This is the best acai bowl ever!

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