May Lookback

Here's where I am:

Listening to:

Boy Meets Girl "Waiting for a Star to Fall"

Catcher In the Rye audiobook

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


October. Connecting with someone for the first time in ages and how that led to meeting two other amazing people. Going to the New Orleans Krew of Boo parade. Feeling like things were finally coming together for me mentally and emotionally for the first time in months.

The earthquake that occurred while I was sitting at a pool drinking a beer in Hollywood, Los Angeles on July 4, 2019. How surreal that was. Umbrellas swaying, water sloshing. No one knew what it was; it took a good five minutes for us to figure it out.

Going to Ball & Chain in Miami, Florida during spring break 2019. I was depressed and stressed and worried, but then the music took over. The mojitos were delicious. And we just sat for hours letting it take over our senses.

Exploring Hawai'i. The sound of birds, the taste of coconut water and banana bread, the stunningly beautiful beaches.


Australia. Will it be similar to Hawai'i? What will it be like meeting an online friend?

• the pink lake.
• taking pictures of the stars in the Australian outback.
• Melbourne coffee, Sydney fireworks, koalas, kangaroos.

Will I have time to see and do everything I want?

Anxious about:

friends, as per usual.

Interested to Know:

Who will choose to stay in my life and who will leave. It sounds gruesome, but I'm a little frustrated with people.


Montana Babydoll Sleep Top in pink from Anthropologie
* Santorini Maxi Dress from Free People in aloe
Giulia Wide-Legged Sleep Pants from Anthropologie
Heartland Pendant Necklace from Free People
Patch It Up Trapeze Dress in black combo and tobacco combo from Free People
* Free People Closer to the Heart dress in black from Bloomingdales

• Girls from Savoy dress on Poshmark
• Free People Saturday Morning Cardi in maroon on Poshmark
• Free People Down Under Woven Henley in black on Poshmark
• Lulu's Rhianon Ivory Dress on Poshmark
• Free People In My Element Kimono dress on Poshmark

• Mother's Day flowers
• birthday gift for kid I watch

• wedding imperial and indigo blue earl grey tea
• chocolate babka from Bread's Bakery in NYC
• groceries from Amazon Fresh and Walmart delivered to my door


I agreed to read The Paris Hours and 100 Cookies, so definitely looking forward to that!

One of my friends recommended I read Letters from Felix, his favorite childhood book. When I ordered the book from Ebay, it said it was in "good condition", but when I got it all of the letters were missing. My friend took pictures of the letters for me and sent them via text. Whenever I feel sad or lonely, I reach for that book. It's such a feel-good happy story. It's a little hard to obtain, but if you can, I recommend reading it, whether as an adult or as a child.

Quarantine Notes:

Now on Day 60 with 6 more days to go:

• My Poshmark count is up to 174; eBay count is up to 12.
* I've watched 2 different tv shows all the way through.
• I replaced a few items in my wardrobe that had holes or stains.
• 4 out of 10 clothing items were fixed.
• I tried Panang curry at a friend's suggestion.
• I sold $200 worth of items on Poshmark and eBay.
• I supported USPS by buying stamps.
• Lots of self-care including doing my eyebrows, painting my fingernails red, and braiding my hair.
• I got Wordless Wednesday updated through July.
• The first half of quarantine, I wanted cacio e Pepe and a glass of wine every day for lunch. Now I'm wanting omelets with fresh-squeezed orange juice and wedding imperial tea.
• Walks have gotten somewhat mundane and boring.
• I'm surprised to not be more bored having been inside without leaving for so long!
* My days and nights keep getting screwed up. Some mornings I wake up really early and some nights I can't sleep at all. It's nice being able to be flexible with my body.
• I bought new feathers for our duvet at the beginning of lockdown. At first I was worried they would be too heavy, but now I absolutely love them.

Lookbacks from Earlier This Year: