November Lookback

The year is quickly coming to a close, and I find myself in a completely different place mentally (and physically) than I was last year ago at this time. I guess that's part of the aging process? I've learned a lot about myself this year putting my heart on the line and trying a bunch of new things, some of which have scared me. Here's where I am now, in anticipation of what's to come in December:

Listening to:

Interstellar, Pink Panther (animation), Lady Bird, The Pink Panther (movie, 1963)

music from Henri Mancini


driving from Boston to NYC to DC to Asheville (NC) in search of leaves two years ago. It was so beautiful and I hope I will get an opportunity like that again in the future. I especially remember going to a jazz club in NYC while not feeling great and just being swept away by the music. The jazz club, Mezzrow, is now a go-to for me every time I find myself in NYC. I just love it so.


trying to figure out Christmas presents. Last year at this time I was almost done! Why am I so behind this year?

Also, travel to Scotland. Very lowkey, but still on my radar.

Anxious about: 

the holidays with family. It's my niece's first birthday, so the family is coming into town. It's looking to be a little crazy.

Interested to Know:

if I will one day go to Australia. Met an Australian online and he sent me the cutest video of kangaroos! He and I both want to see NYE fireworks over the Sydney Opera House, so I'm thinking maybe for 2021?

And at the same time, the kids I watch want to go to Quebec for carnival in 2020. They are concerned their mom won't go, so they asked me to go if they saved up enough money. I agreed. I highly doubt I will go, but I am so happy that they thought of me. And wanted me to go with them! SOOO sweet.

Keeping A Secret:

I met this guy from the UK in October and he was so nice to talk to. Last I heard, he said he would "endeavor" to make time to talk with me and I haven't heard from him since. It makes me a little sad.

And he's not the only one who has said that. I'm actually beginning to think it's a trend for UK people.

YES, let's be friends! Except not.

To be fair though, there's an American guy I've been getting to know that I thought wouldn't stick around and yet every morning without fail he greets me with a text "Good morning ladybug!" and that brings me the utmost joy. And then we chat off and on all day long. I am so grateful for his friendship and distraction. It's always nice having one more person on your side. And because he's Indian, I've been trying all of the Indian food.


Free People Lina Lace Top in black and white

• skinny black jeggings from Express


yet again, nothing.

I've been staying busy meeting new people, attending parties, watching movies, and doing research for Scotland. I find all of these things more valuable than reading a book.

However, a friend affectionately called me an "uncultured swine", so perhaps I need to get back into it?

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