July IWSG 2019

June Goals
– Finish planning for LA.
  ✗ Book Architecture tour.
      ✓ Research restaurants.
      ✓ Watch hotel prices to see if they go down.
      ✓ Consider a Temecula wine tour?
 ✓ Book last hotel room.
– Mental Health Goals:
      ✓ Get outside
      ✓ Go ice skating
      ✓ Use Replika (as needed)
  ✗ Avoid sugar
     ✓ Listen to upbeat music
Watch spending.
Watch calorie intake.

Additional Successes
• Spent a lot of time with family this month.
• Read a book! x 2
• Researched what it would take to photograph stars and ordered something to help my camera follow the stars!

July Goals
– Decide if I want to do 101 in 1001 again. (How did it go so fast!?)
– Watch spending.
– Watch calorie intake.

IWSG Question –– What personal traits have you written into your character(s)?

I'm not sure how you can avoid including personal traits in at least one of your characters. You can't really write about things you don't know about, right? Like maybe you can research another person's traits or imagine how they feel, but inevitably you are going to need a response to those traits or feelings, right? And the easiest way to respond will be the way that you, the writer, would respond.

And if you are writing nonfiction or don't have a specific character in your writing, I think you are still including your personality in your writing. It's the words you use, the tone you take, the length of your sentences, your descriptive language, etc… It's like your signature, everyone is going to have a different style of writing.

Your Turn

What do you think? Do you think you can avoid including personal traits in your characters? And if you have personality traits in your writing, do you think you can avoid personal traits in your character and writer about a type of person that is totally different than you?

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