June Lookback

This year has been insane! Time is passing quickly and things are changing rapidly. I once heard the saying "long days, short years" and that's exactly what it feels like. Some days are incredibly long, but the months seem to be flying by. This is the fourth month this year that I have done a "lookback" post, but I find that every month I'm dealing with something different. As quickly as things are changing, I feel like it will be nice at the end of the year to have these posts to "lookback" and remember all that happened in 2019.

Is it just me or is 2019 going quickly for you too?

Listening to:

Still on the 90s kick.

Right now it's:
• Jennifer Paige – "Crush"
Ace of the Base
• Mariah Carey - "Love Takes Time", "Fantasy", "Dreamlover"

I've also been watching a lot of Anthony Bourdain's shows. He's so good with words.


How fast the month has gone since I last posted a Lookback. I am in an entirely different mental state.

- I have more hours at work.
- I stood up for myself and won what I was asking for.
- My dad had a medical emergency.
- Then my grandmother also had one…
- I've learned new ice skating skills. I'm more confident on the ice.

I feel like an entirely different person.

And yet I'm not.

Funny how that works.


Travel to LA. I finally got into it. Looking at exploring wineries, Joshua Tree National Park, taking an architecture tour, seeing the major beaches in the area, and I have tickets for the Broad! I'm not sure a week is enough time to explore as much of LA as I want to!

Anxiously Awaiting:

nothing? Pretty calm for once.

Interested to Know:

if I will ever finish the spring cleaning I started in 2018!

We made progress during the Memorial Day holiday weekend, but sometimes it feels like two steps forward, one step backward.

Keeping A Secret: 

My husband has been amazing; he has held it together even more than I have been able to during all of my family emergencies. ❤️


Family issues have me shopping for groceries online. Who knew that would ever be an issue? We also had to take my husband's laptop into Apple after a bad drop on concrete. Then, issues with his backup laptop had us buying another backup drive while we were out of town. 🙄When it rains, it pours, right?

I bought a few clothes when I thought they were selling out…

Free People: Across the Sea Tunic in white
Free People: We The Free Sunshine In the Rain Tee in army sage and pacific

I can never have too many summer tops.

I've also bought a few books for LA planning. At this point, a trip to LA sounds both amazing (getting away from it all!) and frightening (expensive). Plane tickets have been bought though, so I think we are going…


I bought a few LA guides, but I haven't really read them too much yet.

This Is (Not) L.A.: An Insider's Take on the Real Los Angeles by Jen Belik
Los Angeles Mini by Tim Street-Porter
Pocket Guide to Los Angeles Architecture by Judith Paine-McBrien

My husband uncovered a few books about Germany that we were given a few years ago. I intend on giving them a once over in the near future. It may take a bit, though. They are thick with a lot of reading material!!!

And I received my copy of Paranoid by Lisa Jackson for reviewing purposes! It's so much fun getting books before they are released to the public!

Anyway, here's hoping for a calm ending to June and beginning of July. May time pass more slowly letting me soak everything in and enjoy it to the fullest extent possible.

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