W: Washington DC

Patomic Tidal Basin: Washington DC (April 2018)

Focusing has been difficult the past few months, so I'm taking an alternative approach to A-Z this year: looking back at past travel, editing or re-editing images from travels before, and responding to travel-related questions. Hope you are able to join me on this journey to my past!

For Day W, I went with this shot of a cherry blossom tree and the Washington Monument. Last April, my husband and I went to DC for the cherry blossom festival, a life goal of mine. While the crowds took away from the experience, I'm glad to have gotten this life goal checked off my bucket list.

Other places I considered for this post: Walt Disney World (in Orlando, FL), West Palm Beach (FL), Wynwood Walls (in Miami, FL)

Onward –

68. What do you think about the quote, “You can’t run away from your own feet?” and the idea that travel is a bandaid solution for acquiring happiness?

It's possible. I definitely take short trips to get out of my own head.

I don't think I would say, for me at least, that travel equates to happiness. I think, for me (again), travel equates to knowledge and growth; those things give me confidence which, in turn, equates to happiness.

So yeah, while looking at a beautiful beach might result in momentary pleasure making you temporarily happy, I think I seek a little more when I travel.

69. How many different currencies do you have access to?

Almost as many as places I've been!

1. Canadian coins
2. Mexican coins (Never been to Mexico!)
3. Euros (coins + cash)
4. Czech Republic coins
5. Egyptian coins and cash
6. US dollars

70. What's the best street food you've ever had?


In NYC, you have to have pizza from a local pizzeria. It's super cheap and you can find one on almost every corner. There may or may not be seating. Either way, you fold the pizza in half and shove it in your mouth, kind of like a hot dog. They say it's the water in NYC that makes the bagels so good. I'm not a fan of NYC bagels, but I do wonder if the water is what makes the pizza so good? Or maybe it's just being in NYC?

Trdelník in Prague is worth tasting. I liked it so much, my husband and I attempted to make our own over a fire pit. It never turned out quite as good. We've also tried getting it from places in LA and NYC but nothing has been as good as the original. Maybe one day we will return to Prague. Or maybe one day we will find a good alternative. 🙂

I actually had this in a restaurant in Miami first but Mexican street corn is one of my favorite street foods. It was actually recommended to us by a taxi driver last year when we were headed to LA. We never found it in LA, but I am so glad I was able to find it elsewhere!

Fuul is a yummy Egyptian street food (sandwich). For our first morning in Egypt, we went to a small restaurant recommended by one of my husband's friends and ordered a little bit of almost everything. The food was so cheap and I knew so little about Egyptian food that I had no idea what I would like or want if anything. Turns out I liked almost everything. Fuul, however, is a traditional breakfast sandwich and one of the things I enjoyed most while I was in Egypt.

Kalua pork and freshly baked banana bread on the side of the road in Hawai'i can be absolutely amazing. I now crave kalua pork. Luckily, we have a cute little Hawai'ian restaurant in Atlanta where I can get my fix any time I want it!

And before I get to the end of the post, I need to give a shout out to NYC's Chinatown breakfast scene. I've actually never had dim sum (on my bucket list); my husband and I usually go to the small bakeries you can find all over. He gets a savory breakfast dumpling and I get a semi-sweet cake and smoothie. We take our food to a nearby park and people watch. Breakfast usually only costs about $5 for both of us and it is so delicious! Afterward, we hit up the street stalls and grab some fruit to snack on later in the day. It's truly an experience I think everyone who visits NYC should have. (Preferably in the summer.)

Speaking of food, is there any food where you are from that is a must-try? Do you think people use travel as a bandaid solution for happiness?

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