M: Miami, FL

Wynwood Walls: Miami, FL (July 2017)

Focusing has been difficult the past few months, so I'm taking an alternative approach to A-Z this year: looking back at past travel, editing or re-editing images from travels before, and responding to travel-related questions. Hope you are able to join me on this journey to my past!

For Day M, I went with this fun shot of 3 women standing in front of a mural of 3 women at Wynwood Walls in Miami, Florida. If you've never been there, it's a fun place to see and take pictures. Who knows? You might get lucky like I did!

Other places I considered for this post: Myrtle Beach (SC), Montréal (Canada), Mau'i (HI), Monterey (CA), Moloka'i (HI), Marseilles (France)

On to the questions –

37. What was your most embarrassing travel moment?

Going to the bathroom at the same time as a guy in Europe. Specifically, got water in my jacket sleeve and made a shocked noise thinking no one else was in the bathroom with me. 😂


Guy friend says "what's wrong?" peeking out at me over the stall.

*palm face*

Embarrassing moments are a way of life ESPECIALLY when you are traveling and unfamiliar with the customs of a country. Try not to take yourself too seriously. We are all learning. ❤️

38. What was the most challenging thing you've done with regards to travel?

Probably just my first trip abroad and all that went into it. I booked the flight wrong because I had never booked a flight before! We were going to a wedding, so I practiced my language skills daily. But there was so much else going on at home: our landlord sold our property and we needed to buy a new vehicle too. We needed to get passports and do interviews for the GOES trusted traveler program. Then there was the actual planning that needed to happen. It was overwhelming and stressful.

Booking a flight from Cairo to Sharm-El-Sheikh and back was also really difficult. It felt like I needed insider knowledge. But I didn't cry over that… Throw my computer, maybe. 😉

Learning a new language when you are shy is incredibly frustrating and tear-inducing. I have to push myself to just keep trying. Giving up is not an option. 🙂

Every trip is different. Sometimes everything will go perfectly, and sometimes nothing will. You just have to be willing to go along for the ride.

39. Which place that you've traveled to has had the best weather?

I'm a little partial to any weather that stays between 60º and 80ºF. Hawai'i was pretty great in that regard. An open-air airport all year 'round? WIN! Sharm-El-Sheikh was on the verge of being hot but also pretty comfortable considering. France in the summer is warm but not terrible.

Rather than continuing on about the good weather, here are a few places with miserable weather:

• Orlando, all year. The humidity is miserable.
• Miami, FL can also be pretty bad (though April has some pretty temperate weather between 70º and 80º.)
• NYC in the winter is COLD … unless it's not. (I've experienced both.)
• Blizzards in Québec Canada are miserable. You can barely walk. But they are beautiful to look at when inside with a warm drink. 🙂

What are your thoughts with regards to weather? Would you ever travel somewhere knowing it could potentially be unbearably hot or cold? 

What is the biggest challenge you've faced when dealing with other cultures?

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