B: Big Sur, California

Big Sur, CA
Big Sur, CA (April 2018)

Focusing has been difficult the past few months, so I'm taking an alternative approach to A-Z this year: looking back at past travel, editing or re-editing images from travels before, and responding to travel-related questions. Hope you are able to join me on this journey to my past!

For Day B, I chose this shot from Big Sur. It's probably not my favorite from the area, but I did love the challenge of HDR'ing with the beautiful bright sun peeking through the trees.

Other places I considered for this post: Boston (MA), Bodega Bay (CA), Blue Ridge Parkway (VA, NC), Berlin (Germany)

The questions –

4. What would you say to someone who has never been out of their hometown?

Go! See! Do! Life is short. (YOLO?)

And even beyond that, expand your understanding of the world and people in it. Nothing puts you more in “your place” like travel does. Nothing is quite as difficult as trying to learn and discover a new culture.

As for traveling in your own country? You would be surprised to learn how different people do things just a few miles away. I live in Georgia where peaches reign supreme and boiled peanuts can be obtained on the side of the road in remote areas. One state over, in Florida, you can get fresh orange juice almost anywhere. Tropical fruits like coconuts and passion fruits are easier to obtain. And let's not forget the fusion of Cuban, American, and seafood cuisine all found in one place. Many of those things in Georgia just don't taste quite as good.

Of course, differences can be in even smaller distances too – the city vs. the country. Specifically, let's talk price. And I mentioned food on the side of the road? Most cities don't have that. Some cities have food trucks instead. Other cities are mainly for business purposes.

So yeah. If you can't visit another country, explore another town or city not so far away. Try looking at your town from the perspective of a tourist. With fresh eyes, you never know what you will discover!

5. What (or who) do you miss the most when you are traveling?

I miss my bed. More specifically my pillow and blanket.

When I’m in another country, I miss the familiarity of home. There are so many things I like about seeing a “new way of life”, but, in the end, there is nothing quite like knowing there is a place where my weird quirks aren’t all that weird.

6. Do you feel more comfortable sleeping in your own bed or in a hotel bed?

Hotel beds are always the best for a night or two if you pick the right hotel. And besides, after traveling, you are so tired you always sleep the whole night through.

My bed is always comforting after any time away. I just generally regret that the trip is over and I have to go back to work.

Let's change it up a bit. Why should I come to visit your city or town? What is special or unique about where you live? 

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? Is there something about the culture that you find particularly appealing?

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