March Lookback

Life is complicated. Sometimes it's nice to just sit back and document where you are. And not necessarily in the form of a checklist, like I do with IWSG or my financial posts.

The following is where I am right now, without placing any judgment on myself whatsoever.

Listening to:

So many things.

1. Jack Johnson: Constellations, Better Together. He's just a calm, cool musician.

2. the whole La La Land soundtrack but especially "Another Day In the Sun", "A Lovely Night" (makes me laugh) and "City of Stars" (the duet between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone). The jazz music makes me so happy and has me desperate to go to a jazz club.

3. Lady Gaga "Shallow" and "Always Remember Us This Way". Unfortunately, it always makes me tear up. Who knew Lady Gaga had that in her? Well, maybe most of you did. I didn't, though.

4. The Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack. Are there people out there who don't like this music? If so, I don't know them.

5. Abba: Waterloo. Some classics never die.

6. Fugees: Killing Me Softly

7. Throw in a bit of No Doubt and 90's pop. It keeps me feeling upbeat and is a throwback to my childhood.


Throwing myself mentally, physically, and emotionally into something. It's an incredibly hard place to get to, but it's something I'd very much like to find a way to do again.


Summer vacation. Maybe a trip to LA? Trying to convince hubby we can afford it. 🤨

For real though? April A-Z. It's taken an unexpected turn. Something simpler than originally planned. Maybe I can pull this off?

Anxiously Awaiting:

nothing? In general, I'm just an anxious person.

Music is helping me to remain calm during the work week. I'm so grateful the people I work for enjoy playing the piano; it makes the days easier to get through. And before work, I'm all about headphones.

I've also taken up ice skating on the weekends. Skating is a great way to relax and let go of worries; I never want to get off the rink once I get on it… 

Interested to Know:

if LA really is miserably hot in the middle of summer. How does it compare to Miami?

Keeping A Secret:

Someone recently asked me about the book that most influenced my life, then proceeded to order it. Let me be clear: it was a childhood favorite, and I feel deeply about it. It wasn't really something I wanted to share, though. So now I'm all self-conscious about my choice in books. Of course, I'm also curious to know what this person will think about the book. (This person isn't the audience the author originally intended the book to be for, I don't think.)


Free People Daisy Chain Dress
Free People Sweet Little Tee
Ice Skates!


A little boring, but I'm working my way through Barron's Painless Grammar by Rebecca Elliott. Hopefully, it will help me with my grammar issues.

So what have you been up to?

With March halfway over, are those of you that are participating in April A-Z ready for the challenge?

For those of you not participating, what have you been up to? Any books or music I should check out? How do you deal with feelings of anxiety? Have you ever reached a place where you can put your entire heart and soul into something?

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