IWSG #12

  + Booked 4 more nights in Egypt, 1 night in Frankfurt, and 4 nights in Berlin
  + Reserved a "Meet and Assist" to help us get through the Cairo airport and to our hotel.
  + Also agreed to 2 tours.
  + Booked a flight to Berlin.
  + Lots of back and forth + research on hotels in Berlin…
  + Finally booked a hotel in Berlin! YAY!
  + Made reservation at Angelina's Tea Room in Paris for breakfast. YUM!
  - Still missing 1 hotel night.
  - Need to work on itinerary.
  - Make a reservation at a place I want to have dinner at in Paris.
  - Research breakfast spots in Frankfurt, Germany.
  - Generically research Berlin.

Additional Successes:
• Applied for and accepted 2.5% refinanced student loan offer (A drop of 4%.)
• Cleaned up bathroom closet. (Got rid of old bathroom mats and bedding, hung mops/brooms up on the wall.)
• Completed lots of returns for Le Dîner En Blanc items we didn't use/need.
• Sold books – made $19.
• Participated in a few research projects bringing in a little bit more money. YAY!
• Also, worked extra hours for additional money.
• Spent time with a friend that lives out of state!
• And met his "significant friend". 😉
• Planned out and helped the husband cook for Thanksgiving.
• Helped clean out my parents' fridges and freezers in preparation for the holiday.
• Cleaned up the bar – organizing bottles.
• Tried a few cocktails from the Trader Vic's book we ordered. YUM! (#personalgoals)
• Began year end (blog and personal) reviews.
• Got 80% of my Christmas shopping, shipping, and wrapping done over the Thanksgiving break. YAY!
• Organized the husband's sock drawer, my sweaters, and our sewing thread.
• Deep cleaned our bedding (including pillows).
• Bought a Drobo, so I will finally be able to access my California images and be able to back up my computer! 

December Goals
– Finish any last minute planning I have for Paris/Egypt/Berlin.
– Finish Christmas shopping and wrapping.
– Pack and prep for travel. (Including cleaning before we leave and blog prep.)
– Review my year.

IWSG Question: What are five objects we'd find in your writing space?

1. laptop
2. book of questions
3. any research I've done or books related to the topic
4. pieces of my hair. I tend to pull it when I'm tense.
5. My rings. When my fingers get cold and I'm typing, my rings twist around and around my finger, so I pull them off.

This was a difficult question to answer since my writing can happen anywhere. I don't have one particular spot I write in. Having a laptop and google (for definitions, alternative words) makes a big difference in how I write.

Your Turn:

And just like that another year has gone by. Can you believe it? What are your goals for December? Any last minute tasks you want to accomplish before January?

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