IWSG #11

October Goals
– Work on Egypt planning.
✗ Ideally, finish The Curated Closet challenge 
✗ Dispute Equifax.

Additional Successes:
• Was accepted and then prepared for Le Dîner En Blanc, Atlanta edition. (Lots of shopping, returns, and planning in two weeks.)
• Birthdays, parties. weekends out of the house. (Was it every weekend? 😳)
• Laundry every two days + sheets, towels, etc… (After exposure to pinworms. Ick.)
• Managing to somehow cook without fire a la camping style for Le Dîner En Blanc. (Heat packets and water if you are wondering.)
• Bought a baby gift for my niece and more Christmas presents for family and friends

November Goals

IWSG Question How has your creativity in life evolved since you began writing?

I have a book of writing prompts that I used to love. Recently it's taken a back burner. I think what I loved most about it is that it would push me to think about my writing in a new way. Example? Use alliteration when describing something; cover all five senses. Another? Write a story in six words, like the Earnest Hemmingway's short story "For sale: Baby shoes, never worn". Obviously not every writing prompt in the book is helpful for me, especially when I don't have time to think through a response that pertains to writing I am currently doing, but it can be helpful to give me just the tiniest of pushes to try a new way of writing or to reach my audience in a new way.

Your Turn:

If you are a writer, do you have any tricks up your sleeve that help you to write more creatively? Or does writing itself encourage you to think more creatively about your life?

If you aren't a writer, what tips and tricks help you to approach tasks from a new perspective? How do you push yourself to "think outside of the box"?

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