The Friday Five #15: The Holidays

1. Have you seen any holiday commercials yet?

Yes. I don't even watch tv that much. I couldn't tell you what the commercials were for, but I do remember hearing Christmas music as a commercial played in the background. (And no, I haven't started listening to Christmas music yet!)

2. Will you or have you ever participated in Black Friday?

I used to participate in Black Friday pretty religiously. This year we will probably be laying low since we are about to go out of town.

3. Do you love or despise holiday leftovers?

Not into leftovers. I used to be, but I've grown out of it. Now, my preference is to only make what I know will be eaten, so that we save money. I'm not opposed to eating meat or cheese with bread or crackers for lunch which is mostly how I get around my lack of leftovers.

4. Have you seen any (non-commercial, i.e. store) holiday lights yet?

Yes! My neighbors are ready for Christmas!

5. Have you been good to Santa’s way of thinking?

I'd give myself a C+. I'd say I was about as good as the average person. I didn't give back a tremendous amount to the community, but I rarely said no to a beggar either.

How was your Thanksgiving? Are you participating in Black Friday/Shop Small Saturday/Cyber Monday this year?

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IWSG #11

October Goals
– Work on Egypt planning.
✗ Ideally, finish The Curated Closet challenge 
✗ Dispute Equifax.

Additional Successes:
• Was accepted and then prepared for Le Dîner En Blanc, Atlanta edition. (Lots of shopping, returns, and planning in two weeks.)
• Birthdays, parties. weekends out of the house. (Was it every weekend? 😳)
• Laundry every two days + sheets, towels, etc… (After exposure to pinworms. Ick.)
• Managing to somehow cook without fire a la camping style for Le Dîner En Blanc. (Heat packets and water if you are wondering.)
• Bought a baby gift for my niece and more Christmas presents for family and friends

November Goals

IWSG Question How has your creativity in life evolved since you began writing?

I have a book of writing prompts that I used to love. Recently it's taken a back burner. I think what I loved most about it is that it would push me to think about my writing in a new way. Example? Use alliteration when describing something; cover all five senses. Another? Write a story in six words, like the Earnest Hemmingway's short story "For sale: Baby shoes, never worn". Obviously not every writing prompt in the book is helpful for me, especially when I don't have time to think through a response that pertains to writing I am currently doing, but it can be helpful to give me just the tiniest of pushes to try a new way of writing or to reach my audience in a new way.

Your Turn:

If you are a writer, do you have any tricks up your sleeve that help you to write more creatively? Or does writing itself encourage you to think more creatively about your life?

If you aren't a writer, what tips and tricks help you to approach tasks from a new perspective? How do you push yourself to "think outside of the box"?

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The Friday Five #14: Halloween

1. With Halloween having been this past week, did you do any seasonal activities for the holiday?

A few!
• I took the kids I watch "boo'ing" around the neighborhood; we left candy and a note on the front stoop as a surprise for several of the neighbors with kids.
• My husband and I have a tradition of trying a new restaurant on Halloween night since we don't have kids. So … we did!

2. What is your favorite Halloween or dress up party costume you've had? 

My sophomore year in college, my husband (then boyfriend) and I dressed up as Guinevere and Sir Lancelot. My grandmother's friend sewed my dress using blue velvet. I wore gold ballet flats (before they were popular), a lace veil in my hair (super heavy!) and had my hair curled by a salon. Of course, then we went to a trashy fraternity party (regrets!), but I loved my outfit!

3. Which do you like better, apple cider or pumpkin spice flavoring?


4. What is your favorite scary movie and why?

I don't like scary movies. Either they are cheesy or they gross me out. Hocus Pocus is my favorite Halloween movie though.

5. What traditionally "scary" monster or fear do you think is the most overrated and why? 

Witches. Have you seen Wicked, the broadway musical? 😉Witches aren't too be feared; they are simply misunderstood.

Feel like sharing some Halloween love and memories with me? Do you enjoy celebrating Halloween, the holiday?

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