The Friday Five #13: Autumn Apples

I think of citrus fruits in the summer (like lemons and oranges) and berries in the spring, but fall brings apples to mind. Oh – and squash and pumpkins. Are you a fan of apples? Do you have any fall/apple related memories?

1. Have you ever bobbed for Apples?

Maybe once when I was younger? I think I quickly realized how difficult it was and gave up. It's much better to watch others attempt it.

2. Do you like a regular or hard apple cider?

Regular. While I do drink on occasion, I just think regular cider tastes better. I do love Michel Jodin's (a brand of cider in Canada) Iced Cider (which is the term from cider made from apples that are picked after the first icing of the season rather than whether or not the cider is served with ice) though. Of course, even then you really can't compare any type of cold cider to hot cider. It's just not the same. ESPECIALLY if it's cold outside. Warm/hot always wins when it's cold.

3. Do you have a special type of apple that you prefer over others?

Pink lady, Granny Smith. I like anything that is a bit more sour than sweet.

4. Have you ever made baked apples?

In an apple pie with my husband, yes. (The pie didn't turn out well, but we tried.)

5. Who is the apple of your eye?

This question is ridiculous. My husband? The kids I watch? My nephew? My dog? So many people (and animals) I love so much.

When you think of fall, do apples come to mind? 

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