IWSG #10

September Goals
Finish NYC planning.
Continue Egypt planning.
The Curated Closet challenge.

Additional Successes:
• Survived 4 nights in NYC, followed by 1 night at home, 3 nights overnight babysitting, 1 night home, then 1 night overnight babysitting.
• Got through 1 wedding, and 4 birthdays.
• Price Matches/Adjustments! Made returns as necessary. Got money back! YAY! Saved over $50 in clothing price adjustments and more than $200 in hotel price adjustments.
• Disputed a credit card on my Experian and Transunion accounts. (Long story.) 

October Goals
– Work on Egypt planning.
– Ideally, finish The Curated Closet challenge
– Dispute Equifax.

(Going light this month so I can focus on Egypt planning. I need to get hotels, transportation, tours, etc… figured out.)

IWSG Question: How do major life events affect your writing? Has writing ever helped you through something?

What a question for this month! … Major life events sllllllooooowww my writing down. I have lists and lists of blog topics, but are they getting written? No.

Actually, to be fair, minor life events slow my writing down too.

Writing helps me to remember. It brings me back to some of my favorite moments in life and helps me to essentially relive them. Of course, it can also do the same with some of my least favorite moments in life.

Your Turn:

How do you cope with life events? Is there a particular way you deal?

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