A-Z Problems

Today's post was suppose to be about the luau and vow renewal Justin and I experienced while in Hawai'i. Unfortunately, that post will not be able to go live today. I had fully intended on editing images from the event during my return flight from California this past Sunday until a tsunami of sparkling water hit my laptop. April A-Z 2018 suddenly went from one of the most stressful times of the year to … will I even be able to complete the task? Right now, I'm thinking no. I'm relying on my husband's generosity to be able to write posts using his laptop, but I don't have access to photoshop at all. Editing images for April A-Z is out of the question until I get a new laptop. And who can afford a new laptop after returning from vacation?

So, while I do have some blog posts that have been pre-scheduled, I'm not sure, at this point, what will happen with my April A-Z participation. I will do my best to get my posts up as soon as possible.

Anyway, happy #wordfullWednesday! Hope you all are having a wonderful week so far!

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