A-Z Laptop Update

This is just a short update to say

1. I have bought a new laptop. It's not taking all of my previous settings, but it's bought. I'll be back in "blogging business" in … time. :)

2. I've been invited to a wedding in Egypt. 😳I haven't been able to find many blog posts on the topic. If you've been to Egypt or know someone that has, any insight would be helpful!

3. I'm tired. Every weekend since April has begun my husband and I have been busy. Weekends 1 and 2 we were in California, weekend 3 in DC, weekend 4 in Alabama and celebrating my mother-in-law's birthday… Where is a bed when you need one? 😴(And today is my extra long work day – 5am until 8pm!)

Friends, how's life going for you? Are you already ready for the weekend too?

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