August Break – Vintage

On our way back from Key West (and, really, the whole time we were in Miami), we noticed a lot of older cars. This one that had been driven to a remote "Jumping Off Bridge" on Sugarloaf Key. These older cars were a stark contrast to the more typical SUVs, jeeps, and more current cars that were parked all around it. I think the thing I loved most about seeing older cars in the Keys was noting that they weren't all in perfect condition – for example, this Chevrolet has paint coming off of the door. Mostly it's in great condition (like the owner actually cares about his/her car), but it's also a well-loved car too, one that's driven and parked on dirt roads off the main highway and not kept on a trailer to be shown solely at car shows.

Given it's condition, I'm made to wonder who drives this vehicle? Was it passed down from one generation to another? – Has it been in the family for years? Or did someone with a lot of money purchase it and then decide to drive it around just for fun? Maybe they got a good deal on it? Perhaps it's a family car and the parents decided to take their children on an outing in it, just for fun? Maybe it's not typically driven but they decided to have a little fun on the day we spotted it?

What do you think? Do you know anyone with a classic car? 

* I'm participating in August Break. You should join in. :)

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